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Plain Weave Fabric

Plain Weave Fabric

We are an eminent Plain Weave Fabric Manufacturer and Supplier in India. The Designer Plain Weave Fabric, we offer, is broadly used as the customary cloth for various purposes such as for manufacturing bed spreads and pillow covers. The Plain Weave Fabric is generally used as a base fabric for developing the end furnished fabrics. The Plain Weave Fabric is highly appreciated for its perfect quality and smooth texture.


Most simple and most common type of construction Inexpensive to produce, durable, Flat, tight surface is conducive to printing and other finishes. The simplest of all patterns is the plain weave. Each weft yarn goes alternately over and under one warp yarn. Each warp yarn goes alternately over and under each weft yarn. Some examples of plain weave fabrics are crepe, taffeta, organdy and muslin. The plain weave may also have variations including the following :

  • Rib weave : the filling yarns are larger in diameter than the warp yarns. A rib weave produces fabrics in which fewer yarns per square centimeter are visible on the surface.
  • Matt Weave or Basket weave : here, two or more yarns are used in both the warp and filling direction. These groups of yarns are woven as one, producing a basket effect.
  • Method of Construction : Each filling yarn goes alternately under and over the warp yarns
  • Household Uses : Draperies, tablecloths, upholstery.


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Running Qualities

Quality Wgt in grms STD Loom Type
2/80sPC*2/80sPC 88*72 37" plain 105 D.STD P/L
20s*20s 52*48 93" PLAIN 305 D.STD RUTTI-C
27s*150D 62*48 118" PLAIN 300 D.STD SULZER
30s*30s 76*64 104" plain 305 D.STD RUTTI-C
30sC*30sC 96*50 40" plain 127 D.STD P/L
30sC*30sK 88*50 40" plain 120 D.STD P/L
32s*30s 72*68 120" PLAIN 360 P.STD SULZER
32s*30s 72*68 72" PLAIN 210 P.STD SULZER
36s*40s 68*68 54" plain 130 P.STD P/L
40s*40s 100*80 120" PLAIN 365 D.STD SULZER
40s*40s 100*92 54" plain 160 D.STD P/L
40s*40s 108*42 72.5" plain 115 P.STD SULZER
40s*40s 76*76 50" plain 125 P.STD P/L
40s*40s 88*70 50" plain 130 P.STD P/L
40s*40s 88*80 50" plain 140 D.STD P/L
40sPC*40sPC 100*80 40" plain 127 D.STD SULZER
40sPC*40sPC 100*80 57" plain 180 D.STD SULZER
52sPC*40sPC 96*80 40" plain 100 D.STD P/L
60sC*60sC 92*88 48" plain 98 D.STD P/L
30s*30s 76*66 93" plain 270 D.STD Rutti-C

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