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Twill Weave Fabric is easily identifiable by its distinctive diagonal lines known as wales. The interlaced manufacturing process results in a medium weight, extremely durable material that resists tearing and recovers from wrinkles much better than traditional plain weave fabrics. Also unlike plain weave, a twill fabric has two sides, the front having the more pronounced wale and typically is the more attractive, outward facing side of a garment.
Cotton twill is extremely sturdy, drapes very well and tailors easily. Twills are generally used for work clothes, coats, pants and durable upholstery, and the breathability of twill makes it suitable for attire for any season. The water and air-resistant nature of the material, coupled with the fact that it tends to hide soils and stains, makes twill ideal for outdoor garments and furniture.
Popular examples of twill weave fabrics are tweed, denim, chino and gabardine. All of these materials are lauded for their durability and ruggedness, both in appearance and functionality.

Creates a diagonal, chevron, hounds tooth, corkscrew, or other design. The design is enhanced with colored yarn is strong and may develop a shine. Twill weave is characterized by diagonal ridges formed by the yarns, which are exposed on the surface. These may vary in angle from a low slope to a very steep slope. Twill weaves are more closely woven, heavier and stronger than weaves of comparable fiber and yarn size. They can be produced in fancy designs.

Method of Construction : Three or more shafts; warp or filling floats over two or more counterpart yarns in progressive steps right or left

Household Uses : Upholstery, comforters, pillows, Bed Spreads.

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Quality Wgt in grms STD Loom Type
30s*30s 124*60 93" TWILL 360 D.STD RUTTI-C
30s*30s 124*60 115" TWILL 445 D.STD SULZER

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